An Atypical Presentation of Acute Schistosomiasis


  • Joana Jorge Antunes Hospital de Cascais, Dr. José de Almeida
  • Susana Silva Dias Hospital de Cascais, Dr. José de Alemeida
  • Sofia Moura Antunes Hospital de Cascais, Dr. José de Alemeida
  • Mafalda Martins Hospital de Cascais, Dr. José de Alemeida



Schistosomiasis is a usually imported, rare disease in developed countries. The schistosome life cycle has three phases in the human host, each one usually associated with different clinical symptoms.

We report a case of a male adolescent presenting with periorbital and facial edema, with no other symptoms or findings during physical examination. Laboratory investigation revealed hypereosinophilia. A thorough medical history, revealed that he travelled through several African countries and practiced freshwater activities the month before. Serologic test for Schistosoma mansoni was positive. He successfully was treated with praziquantel.

We intent to alert for the challenges of schistosomiasis diagnosis and to present, to our knowledge, the first pediatric case presenting with angioedema. An exhaustive anamnesis and the finding of eosinophilia were fundamental for raising the suspicion. Serologic tests may be necessary for diagnosis since microscopic test have low sensitivity. Treatment with praziquantel avoided progression of the disease and further complications.


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